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Willard Beach is a small, charming beach community located about five miles outside of Portland Maine. The neighborhood boarders a four acre beautiful beach with great recreational swimming and boating.  It is also home to Southern Maine Community College, Spring Point Light House and Fort Gorges.

Willard Beach is an all seasons’ community.  In the summer months the beach comes alive with people taking advantage of the many facilities including a playground, concession stand and many other water activites.  Come the cooler months the beach turns into a dog lovers paradise.  During this time dogs are allowed on the beach from 7-9 AM and 7- 9 PM.  This is definitely a favorite spot for dog and dog owners! 

The neighborhood is also home to Willard Square, which within the last 10 years has  been completely revitalized creating a greater sense of community in the area.  Getting a daily dose of coffee and a bagel at the locally renowned, Scratch Baking Co is a popular tradition among residents.  Willard Scoops across the street is quite the scene on warm, summer evenings.  Businesses  are streaming into the community, fully recognizing the support of the local residents.   The area is also home to David’s 388, Sopo Dog Market, Elsmere BBQ, Otto’s pizza,  Enio’s Italian Eatery and much more.


Locals are proud to call Willard Beach their home. It was once Greater POrtland’s best kept secret but within the last few years has become a highly sought out location for buyers searching for the perfect place to relocate.  The areas real estate prices have remained quite stable through the years compared to many other locations in the Greater Portland Area.  Although the Willard Beach area suffered,  just as other locations during the downturn it was one of the first to recover and prices were quick to increase.  Currently the time on the market is under 30 days and many properties in the summer months sell with multiple offers for asking or more in under a week. 

Willard Beach is clearly a Maine “hotspot” for locals and tourists.  The combination of the relaxed beach atmosphere, friendly residents, great walkability  to many stores, college and beach and proximity to Portland makes it one of the best locations in Maine to live!

Kiplinger Magazine- Portland Maine best in country for young at heart

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