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15 Before & After Photos That Prove the Power of Home Staging

There’s no denying it: Homes that are staged well definitely stand out. Not only does the right amount of decluttering, organizing and accessorizing make your home more attractive, it can actually increase its value. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Profile of Home Staging Report, 32 percent of buyers’ agents believe their clients […]

Cramped Living Conditions?

Imagine living in a house where you can move freely. Think of a place where everyone in your family can enjoy. Now is the best time to upgrade your living conditions. Invest in real estate to get the best value for your money.

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19 Useful DIY Tricks All Homeowners Should Know

Let’s be honest, home ownership can be a downright pain in certain ways. I’m not to saying that owning a home doesn’t have a bright side, but be honest, sometimes the hassle is real. Here’s some hassle-relief in the form of DIY hacks so your relationship with your home is a long and beautiful one. […]

21 Most Unusual Pet Encounters Realtors Are Still Relivingrs Are Still Reliving

If you thought cranky and quirky buyers and sellers presented one of the biggest challenges Realtors face, you may have forgotten about something even more unpredictable: their pets. Real estate industry experts shared the strangest encounters they’ve had with animals. Some are hilarious, while others are downright scary. All will make you think twice the […]