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Maine energy efficiency loans

Energy Efficient Homes in Maine

Did you know that there is a loan called a Pace loan that promotes more energy efficient homes in Maine?  This loan allows a borrower to borrow up to $15,000, at 4.99% for 15 years, for energy efficiency homes in Maine upgrades that make your home more comfortable and more efficient. Upgrade your heating system, weatherize your home, insulate walls and ceilings and make other improvements to cut your heating bills that will reward you month after month. We have uploaded the brochure below for you convenience but you can also click here for much more information.


What are  energy efficient homes home in Maine?

An energy efficient home is one where the energy costs are kept very low either by building it in a specific way or modifying an existing home.  A Home that is 4000 square feet for 4 people may not qualify as energy efficient while a home that is 1500 square feet most likely would depending on many factors of course. If heating and air conditioning is used it is important to make sure the home is well sealed.  You can do this with proper insulation and proper windows.  The easier it is for air to pass from inside to outside the house, the more energy is wasted heating or cooling the outside air.
 A really well insulated home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter than a poorly insulated one hence saving on your heating bills not only by keeping the air in but allowing you to place your thermostat at a lower setting.
Purchasing energy efficient  heating and cooling equipment  is very important and your  appliances  should be ENERGY STAR  certified which is a  process that ranks efficient household equipment or appliances.
Using energy efficient light bulbs will help save on your electric bills. Purchase motion sensor lights  for areas such as laundry rooms that are not used for long periods of time. I  find this to be especially helpful in my investment properties in areas such as common hallways where tenants are not careful to turn off lights.  Use natural light as much as possible.

When building a new home consider the placement, size and amount of windows there are in your design. These are free sources of energy that provide not only solar light but heat.

Energy costs are constantly rising and may only get worse. Maintaining an energy efficient home in Maine is more important now then ever.   Much of our energy is obtained by burning fossil fuels, which adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Our excessive use of fossil energy over the past hundred years is what is causing climate change, a problem that threatens our lives daily. Any contribution made by a homeowner will   help solve  our current situation and  will help prevent more irreversible and threatening climate change.

To learn more about how Townsend Real Estate can help you purchase  energy efficient homes in Maine please contact us at and specify what your needs are.  Some of our agents have earned their green designation which means they are specialist in energy efficiency and helping you find energy efficient home or upgrade the one you are in.


To apply online for an energy efficient homes in Maine loan please click here

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about energy efficient homes in Maine.



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