Change in October Show

During the month of October, we will be showing the photographic work of Sophie Sunrise Doughter. Sophie’s show… Roadside Attractions is a journey through what many of us do not see… her work for this show is printed directly on stretched canvas which yields a beautiful and original piece of artwork. Please visit her website for more information…

“Sophie is a woman of few words. An observer. Her stories are best told through what her camera lens captures- moments you may have never known that happened, a glance you were too busy to catch, details you overlooked, an instant that may have passed you by otherwise. Not only does she depict the people, surroundings and emotions accurately, it’s done in a style all her own. She considers each framed composition as a single work of art. No matter where she finds herself she is instinctually seeing the picture within her surroundings. Unobtrusive, she is aware of boundaries and naturally keeps herself hidden and you can trust she can do so without missing a thing. You almost forget she’s there as she is a master at getting the unforced, candid shot.

As previously mentioned we will be featuring the works of Spindleworks at a later date.

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