Steve Sicinski

Emilie was recommended to us through some family and friends as we planned a move to Maine fairly blindly going into a new area and she really stepped up and smoked the process for us! Her response time and commitment to everything involved in the process- from questions, curiosity, exploration, accommodating my hectic schedule, and flat out getting it all done when we needed it were off the charts. Buying a house can be stressful, discouraging and frustrating as it is exciting and she really tied it all together for us through all the ups and downs. Not to mention, with her knowledge and experience, made us realize what clowns we could have dealt with whenever we ran into questionable concerns or issues we came up via other agents or properties we looked at. She worked incessantly on getting our needs and concerns straight from the beginning until closing, and even beyond that! You might hear a lot about an agents’ priorities always being the client, but trust me, Emilie truly emulates that description with her service and dedication where many others fall very, very short. Not only was she an awesome agent, but also a great ally and friend through and beyond the whole process.

Jun 29, 2015