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Realtors See the Darndest Things…

When you’re in and out of homes for a living, you see some pretty unusual things. From surreal artwork and outlandish furnishings to quick-fix-it jobs and animal-related issues, working as a Realtor often means you have to be ready for anything. The agents below fortunately had their phones on hand so they could share the […]


22 Inexpensive Projects That Will Add A Touch Of Class To Your Home

Want to give your home a classier, more expensive look that won’t break the bank? Here are 22 refreshing ideas for your inspiration. 1. Give your kitchen cabinets a painted facelift. 2. Get a better handle on things with updated cabinet handles. Check out this company for some options. 3. Give yourself more outdoor options […]

New Art Show-“My Favorite Views”- opening April 12th 5-7 pm

About the Artist Jac Ouellette is a multimedia artist who earned her BFA, with honors, in 2002 from Maine College of Art. She majored in Sculptural metal furniture. Since then, her interests have evolved to include colorful oil painted landscapes, vibrant metal sculptures and custom home furnishings. She was recently featured in Maine Home and […]