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Younger Generation of Home Buyers Turning To Non-Traditional Loans In Record Numbers

The vast majority of people buying homes are financing their purchase through a loan. According to the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report from the National Association of Realtors®, 88% of buyers finance their home purchase. And when you look at the younger generation of buyers, that number jumps to a whopping 98%. And […]


Dealing with a Past Bankruptcy? You Can Still Buy A Home—And Sooner Than You Might Think

In the past 6 years, more than 5 million Americans have filed for bankruptcy. And while many people believe that filing for bankruptcy causes long-term financial ruin—and will keep them from ever being able to purchase a home—it turns out that might not be the case. According to The Cost of Bankruptcy, a recent study […]


Client’s Testimonial About Our Realtor

All our agents in Townsend Real Estate and Art gallery are experts when it comes to selling properties all over Maine. We are a team composed of hard-working realtors who are willing to assist you in all your real estate needs. Check out the testimonial of one of our clients about Jennifer Defilipp.


8 Ways A Great Real Estate Agent Can Change Your Life

A real estate transaction can be an exciting thing to experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. Your experience will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding your transaction and, perhaps more importantly, the agent you’re working with. A great agent will not only get you over the finish line to the best of […]


22 Surprisingly Genius Uses for WD-40 That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

We all know that WD-40 is useful for mechanic work, and even to fix some squeaky hinges around the house. However, there is a whole range of WD-40 hacks that can be used to improve and fix issues around your home. By the time you finish this, you may consider WD-40 your new best friend. […]


How To Completely Change Your Kitchen For Less Than $100

If your kitchen is starting to look like it’s a set from an old movie, you’ve probably thought about upgrading your cabinets. If so, you’ve also found out how expensive a project like that can get. But not to worry! Ashley, from Ashley’s Green Life decided she was ready to give her kitchen the makeover […]

Sneaky Renter Edits Lease, Requiring Landlord To Provide Something Very Important

You’ve probably heard a few horror stories of being a landlord, but this one takes the cake (quite literally). You see, a good rule of thumb is to always read a lease before signing it… …and one landlord learned that the hard (and hilarious) way. In this case, the landlord sent a lease to his […]


This Family Turned Some Old Pallets Into a Fun Family Project… and Boosted Their Home’s Value in the Process

Ever dreamt of having gleaming hardwood floors in your home, but were snapped back into reality by the high cost? Would you like to be able to cut out contractors and save money on supplies, too? One Imgur member, known only by the screen name “pretendadult,” has a family that did just that. They pooled […]