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10 Signs That You Might Be a Real Estate Agent

1. If your career choice has ever made you question your sanity… …you might be a real estate agent. 2. If your passenger seat doubles as your desk (and occasional lunch table)… …you might be a real estate agent. 3. If you’re more lost without your cell phone than the average teenager… …you might be […]


They Say The Door You Pick Gives Deep Insight About Your Personality. Try It And See.

Analyzing personality usually makes one think of lying down on a leather couch, a therapist asking questions about your long forgotten past, the sounds of scribbling on paper, and perhaps a hefty fee soon after. However, there appears to be some ability to assess personality traits based purely on your reaction to certain things you […]


How To Buy A House (Even If You Have a Less-Than-Perfect Credit Score)

Buying a home is, for many people, an essential part of the American dream. But for people with a checkered financial history – and a less-than-perfect credit score – it can feel like a dream that’s out of their reach. But just because you don’t have a perfect credit store or a pristine financial background […]