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A quick look at Kathryn’s curriculum vitae and you’ll see a pattern in her trajectory that began in 1991 when she became a licensed Realtor. She started in the real estate biz right out of college; now, it’s the only path she could even imagine herself on.

Kathryn has served in a number of positions within Maine real estate boards, and she’s currently part of the Professional Standards committee that handles complaints both from the public and from other Realtors. This committee ensures that Realtors are held to the highest of standards.

Being part of these organizations has shown Kathryn a sort of universal truth: it’s the people behind an idea that truly make it succeed. A successful operation starts by putting together a great team, and that’s what she’s done with the Kathryn Townsend Real Estate Group.

Above all else, she puts her clients and their interests first, even if that means pointing out something they don’t want to hear (although they usually thank her later!) Toward that end, Kathryn is constantly developing unique and innovative ways to make the process of selling or buying a home a fun and hassle-free experience.


Gives close attention to details!

It is such a pleasure to do business with Townsend Real Estate. When we first moved to Portland and began our search, Kathy Townsend really listened to us and our changing needs. She worked tirelessly in finding the right property for us. We have recommended the professionals at Townsend Real Estate to our friends and colleagues and will continue to do so with the confidence in knowing that they will be well taken care of!

Daphne and Ian

Responsive and Attentive

Maria and I have remarked many times of our good fortune for having chosen the Townsend Agency as out Realtor. Kathryn gave us appropriate and unvarnished information and guidance; not only saving us time but money as well. Kathryn and the Townsend staff were prompt and informative in their reply to our questions or needs. Support did not end with the closing. Invaluable help locating high quality local craftsmen and services was willingly provided. We recommend the Townsend Agency without reservation.

Jack Sizer, M.D.,MBA,
CEO Optimal Health Group, Inc

So fun and easy to work with!

We made a wise decision going with Townsend Real Estate for both selling our home and buying another. Kathy Townsend’s knowledge and experience helped us to get both deals done quickly. We couldn’t recommend Townsend Real Estate higher.

Andrew and Sharon McNabb

Best interest at heart

” This is the second house we bought with Kathryn Townsend and both were smooth and enjoyable experiences with a women who knows her business and has your best interest at heart. I’m extremely hard of hearing, but with Kathy on your team no one is going to try and slip a fast one by you – lol. I might decide to move one more time Kathy, when we do you’ll be the first one I call. ”

Michael and Marilyn Powers

Amazing, Calm and Focused!

Over the last 25 plus years I have bought, sold, and re-financed several homes and properties. Every time I have made the cavalier assumption that, “this will be easy and straight forward”. And not once were any those transactions not overly complicated in some unexpected way.

A year ago, my wife and wanted to sell our house and buy a new one. Simple and straight forward. The market was hot, and we were clear on all aspects of selling and purchasing. Kathy Townsend was our seller and buyer agent. We were under contract for purchase and shortly thereafter under contract for sale. Closing dates on the calendar. And then it all went south with a fury. Our seller backed out. Came back. Backed out. Came back. And then backed out again for a total of three times! We finally walked as we were losing our minds. Our buyers were with us through the roller coaster with several extensions. And just when we were finally under contract with another house, our buyers decided that our house was not for them! They backed out. Freak out again! All this while managing business and lives.

The moral of the story is that Kathy was amazing. She was calm, focused, had seen this all before, and clearly directed and managed us to get beyond the emotional upheaval and get us back into the operational mind-set of “let’s get this done”. We got the house ready for showing over the weekend. Showed on a Monday. And we were under contract by Wednesday.

It’s never going to be as easy or as straight forward as you think. A well experienced broker is worth every penny of commission. I run my own business and always say…surround yourself with the smartest and most experienced folks in the room to help you be successful. Kathy is in the room for all things real estate.

Bob Johnson

Sincere And Committed

If you want a sincere committed realtor to help you sell or buy property talk to Townsend Realty. I’ve been relying on Kathy’s expertise since 2001. Very responsive, efficient and straight to the point in all house related matters. She understands the real estate market and her advice is honest and effective.

Diana Laird
Home Owner since 2001

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Jan 1, 2015