Kate Kerkam

I’ve joined with the experienced team at Townsend Real Estate to work with both buyers and sellers of real estate in the Greater Portland area. I’ve always been passionate about real estate – when my brother and sister were fighting over the comics section of the Sunday paper, I was always contentedly reading the real estate section – so I’m excited to be able to work with buyers and sellers to make your real estate dreams and needs come true. Working as an attorney here in Maine since 2006, I’ve seen what can go wrong in a real estate transaction so I know how to work to make your real estate transaction go right. I am also experienced in counseling clients so you will know what to expect in the home buying and selling process and I can negotiate to get you what you want.

I am very happy to provide you with a competitive market analysis so you can understand the current market value of your home, or to help you target your search and get creative about looking for your next home, investment property, or seasonal property.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband Ted and two young children, Clara and Hazel, exploring the amazing coastline of Maine.


My partner and I were first time homebuyers and very ready to leave the rental market. Kate helped us narrow down what we really did and did not want (ie how much of a “fixer upper” we wanted to take on), with a lot of patience! Her legal experience and her calm and practical demeanor really made it easy to trust her during the whole process. The home-buying process can be so intimidating for a first-timer and it was really great to have someone like Kate in our corner! All in all we had a smooth process and we were able to move out of our apartment and into an awesome place in Portland! Woohoo!


Kate helped us buy a house in a highly desirable area of town–it was a competitive bid process and Kate made sure we saw the house very fast and then moved quickly to secure our contract and keep all parties moving forwards. She was candid with her advice, kind at moments when we needed encouragement, and ready with information and gentle prompts. A lot of the work that Kate did was “over and above.” For instance, without my prompting, she pulled permits from the city on the garage to make sure it was legit (it was). She also used her extensive legal knowledge to advise me–informally but correctly–about issues of confidentiality, which I was very concerned about. The result is that from start to finish, our house-buying process took about six weeks, no hiccups, and we had a wonderful and easy closing.


She should be called Kate the Great! Kate helped my husband and I buy our first home. Kate made us feel safe during the process. Kate is knowledgeable and passionate about real estate. She will work very hard for you to find the right home. She is also very personable and easy to work with. Thank you again Kate for finding our lovely home!



Mar 15, 2016