Holiday pop up event!

The road to minimalism appeared on the heels of the world’s friendliest divorce and a subsequent move back to Maine in 2013. I left behind a lot

of things like a big house, many half-finished art projects, an overgrown garden and a cellar full of “we might need this someday”.  Instead of replacing all that stuff, I made a conscious choice to live with less.

In 2015 my mother decided to sell the house that she and my dad had lived in for 55 years. I made a startling discovery: not one, but both of them were hoarders. Not the hoarding-buried-alive kind, but the sentimental, Depression era, too busy working and raising five kids kind of hoarding.

It took all summer and two huge dumpsters to sort through everything and get that house ready to sell. When it was done, I vowed to be a minimalist for the rest of my life, and the seeds of this business were planted.

Looking back, I realize that my desire for minimalist living is a direct response to the chaos of a divorce, a major move, the return to single-hood and the death of a parent. The good news: the more I simplify my surroundings, the better I feel and the more serene and manageable

my environment becomes.

It works for me. I can show you how to make it work for you.

Today, I live in a little house on the Saco River, surrounded by carefully chosen objects that have meaning, memories and purpose.