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4 Hidden Costs Of Not Owning A Home

There’s no arguing there’s costs associated with owning a home. But the adverse is also true; there are also definite costs associated with NOT owning a home. The benefits of buying vs. renting has always been a hotly debated topic, with most people believing that — at least in the short term — renting is […]


10 Signs That You Might Be a Real Estate Agent

1. If your career choice has ever made you question your sanity… …you might be a real estate agent. 2. If your passenger seat doubles as your desk (and occasional lunch table)… …you might be a real estate agent. 3. If you’re more lost without your cell phone than the average teenager… …you might be […]


8 Things Home Sellers Should Never Reveal (Except To Their Relator)

When homeowners decide to sell, they may find themselves justifying their choice to anyone who’ll listen. But, as the old saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships.” In today’s world where sharing is the norm, sometimes keeping your rationale for making a move all to yourself is the right move. Though sellers would never intentionally want […]

How Portland, Maine Keeps Getting Cooler

How Portland, Maine Keeps Getting Cooler by Alyssa Giacobbe July 6, 2017 Courtesy Eventide At Eventide, expect 18 varieties of oysters. Share via facebook dialog Share via Pinterest There’s a lot more than lobster rolls and L.L. Bean totes. In the last few years, as the city’s various industrial no man’s lands have given way […]

New York Times – 36 hours in Portland Maine

36 Hours in Portland, Me. By SUZANNE MACNEILLE JULY 28, 2016 There’s more to this maritime city than great food: gracious parks, Victorian architecture and a thriving arts scene. Photo The view of the East End of Munjoy Hill and Casco Bay from the Portland Observatory. CreditStacey Cramp for The New York Times With its […]

Downeast Magazine – Resettling in Maine

Editor in chief Kathleen Fleury on resettling in Maine — and why you too should take the leap. Illustration by Christine Mitchell Adams Iremember the moment when I knew I’d be moving back to Maine. I was nearing the end of a 5½-hour drive, returning to New York City following a visit home. Somewhere before […]