Category: Seller Tips

Select an agent and a price

 You may opt to sell your house independently. There are many good reasons, however, why you should choose us to assist you in this important undertaking?  We will ensure that you maximize your opportunities in the current real estate market. With our extensive Realtor and contact networks, we will employ the most effective marketing and advertising strategies for your property. We will […]

Accept an offer

  The Price Isn’t Always Right. “The higher the price, the better the offer.” Don’t let yourself be fooled by this popular misconception. Price isn’t always the determining factor in choosing among multiple offers, for several important reasons: the initial offer is never final, and there are a number of terms and conditions that may […]

Escrow, inspections and appraisal

Your escrow began when you accepted a buyer’s purchase offer and earnest money deposit. What follows is the inspection and appraisal of your home and the loan origination process. The Title Company. The buyer selects a title company, whose job it is to examine and insure title to real estate. After researching the complete recorded […]

Buying your next home

Now that your transaction on your home is well on your way to a successful close, it’s time to start preparing for your next home. As your trusted real estate partner, we ready to help you articulate and prioritize your goals for this next project.  We will get you off to a good start by finding the best […]

Close of escrow

  If you’ve come this far, then this means only one thing: congratulations, you’ve successfully sold your home! Don’t forget to tie up these loose ends: Final Walk-Through Inspection. More of a formality than anything else, the final inspection takes place a few days before the transaction is closed. The buyer visits your property to […]