Cape Elizabeth

Located at the entrance of Casco Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Maine, is the affluent town of Cape Elizabeth in Cumberland County. If you are thinking of relocating to Cape Elizabeth or are just interested in Cape Elizabeth Maine real estate or coastal maine real estate, this beautiful coastal town is one to consider for the distinguished homebuyer. Its residential and commercial movement is close to the edge of the Bay. The Cape, as it is called by the locals, is 12 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, commanding the rejuvenating spirit by being surrounded by both tranquil and energizing waters with sunshine 200 days of the year. At 9,400 acres or 15 square miles of territory, The Cape has white sandy beaches, salt water marshes, rocky cliffs and dunes. With a population of around 10,000, it is five miles southeast of Portland at an elevation of 62 feet. The Cape is categorized as a bedroom community. Usually bedroom communities are more of commuter towns. Cape Elizabeth Maine real estate tends to be a little pricier and the residents find lucrative employment in the larger cities. These kinds of communities are known for housing and retail sales as opposed to labor intensive industrial progression, technology or entertainment. Within five miles of Cape Elizabeth is a buffet of educational delights in history, culture and gratifying explorations. Two Lights State Park, Fort Williams State Park and Crescent Beach State Park are areas of natural beauty and discovery through hiking, fishing, and the occasional picnic. Portland Head Light is the oldest and most photographed lighthouse in America. Check out the museum and gift shop for additional information. For those who appreciate community theatre, the Portland Players are ready to put on a show. For families and children, the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine provide interactive activities and exhibits. History enthusiasts can go back in time through the Goddard Mansion, one of the first majestic houses built along the shore of Cape Elizabeth. The Victoria Mansion, also referred to as the Morse-Libby House may also be a contender for lavish pre-Civil War era homes in America. Just imagine the unadulterated bliss of impending possibilities. Cape Elizabeth Maine  is mostly comprised of resales. Because the town sits on the bay, there is not much room for expansion. If you are considering relocating to Cape Elizabeth, there are a few things that may help the decision making process. The median home value for Cape Elizabeth Maine real estate is around $395,000. In 2010, median home prices were $390,000, condos were approaching $240,000 and land was selling for over $100,000. The student teacher ratio was 15:1. There are three public schools and two private schools. From a community perspective, it is also host to the Beach to Beacon 10K that begins at the Crescent Beach State Park and ends at Fort Williams, at the Portland Head Light. Quaint and quintessential, there is an unending list of other community profiles and attributes that make  Cape Elizabeth Maine real estate what it is today. Have you packed your bags yet? 

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