Want to sell your home in less time and for more money?

The value of good quality real estate photos.

A recent trend analysis shows that good quality photographs on real estate sites are the most valuable feature to buyers searching the web for a new home.

Compare Townsend Real Estate’s professional photographs to other sites and you will notice a huge difference.  We are convinced that our  photos SELL our listings.  Our in-house photographer expertly advises sellers how to stage their property properly for sale.  Sellers often say when they see their photographs, “These photos make our home look better than it really is!”   And truthfully, allowing buyers to see your property in new fresh perspectives is what attracts future buyers.  Exceptional photos are a must in today’s market of buyers that start their search on the internet.  The quality of your photos determines whether or not a buyer will pursue making an appointment to view the interior of your home.

 Here is an example of a tiny bathroom that could not have be taken with a regular lens.   A wide angle lens allows the whole room to be seen.    Buyers like to see every room and most of the time the bathrooms are left out simply because a regular lens does not allow a full view of the interior. 

Want to sell your house quicker and for more money? Read more about the value of real estate photos here in Wall Street Journal article.

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