Top 10 Reasons you know you could be greener

1. The drafts from your electrical outlets cause your ankles to frost.

2. The temperature at your ceiling is double the temperature of the floor.

3. You sport a T-shirt and boxers with the thermostat on 80.

4. Your bath fan works without turning it on.

5. Your retriever doesn’t need a doggy door, he just uses the gap at the bottom.

6. Your curtains, in the winter, recapture an Andrew Wyeth painting.

7. Your monthly heating bill could lower the national deficit.

8. The icicles hanging from your roof could be used as a fire escape.

9. Your mechanical ventilation unit is your dryer vent.

10. Your hot water tank doubles as a space heater.

If any of these apply to you, now’s the time to get an energy audit and find out what you can do to lower your energy costs. Check out for current programs and rebates. For more information email Jennifer Defilipp, REALTOR®, GREEN.

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