September 17th Art Opening

Diane Noble
Acrylic Paintings

I am an artist and art educator, focusing on acrylic landscape painting in 2005 after working in many art mediums over the years. I have taken many Continuing Studies painting classes with Diane Dahlke at MECA and plein-air painting workshops with artists I admire and pushed myself to learn as much as possible.
I have always loved the outdoor wide open spaces, where you can see way off into the distance. These are often the images in my landscape paintings. I am drawn to fields with rivers beyond, coves, marshes, tidal pools and long beaches, roads that go on forever. I love the water and ferry rides to distant islands, meandering in and amongst them, yet looking way off in the distance wondering what I’ll see next. I enjoy exploring coves and coastal shoreland, by boat, driving or hiking. Essentially, I paint where I love to be or want to explore, real or imaginary views.
I begin painting by laying out the composition with a purple drawing. I develop an under painting with blue and red violet and yellow ochres, matching the values shape by shape. I proceed to build up the painting layering the colors by value, working on all areas of the composition, adjusting as I go. I add the highlights last and then hang the painting up to view for days or weeks, going back to it as needed.

There is something enlightening about staring at a blank canvas with an image in my head and the excitement about what will develop as I work and complete it. It’s a joy of finding out what’s inside me.