May Art Opening

Townsend Real Estate in partnership with MECA present the work of Kathryn Wagner


Townsend real estate & Art Gallery


I represent many Maine College of Art Continuing Studies students, in that I have taken a slow, but steady road to my training as an artist. There have been many obstacles to devoting time to painting over the last 15 years. (Hence, the title for my show, “Stopping and Starting”) MECA is an oasis. I have studied with several teachers there, but mainly with the amazing Janet Manyan. She inspired and gently pushed me over the years. Although she is no longer teaching on a weekly basis, I still hear her voice. She would frequently come up behind me in class, stand there quietly observing, and then simply say, “Keep going”.

That is exactly what I have done. As you look at my work, you will see a progression in style and approach to painting. It takes time to find your voice as a painter, and mine is emerging still. My work is evolving beyond conventional realism. My mark making and use of color has become more playful. My work has become more loose, confident, spontaneous and expressive over time. I am telling simple and very edited stories. I get excited every time I begin a painting. This feeling is rather addictive. I am filled with optimism. The inner critical voice comes into play as the painting progresses. Yet the desire for that fresh, optimistic excitement in front of a blank canvas constantly beckons.

I am very grateful to Maine College of Art for providing me with such high quality access to art education and for opportunities such as this one.