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Rachel Michaud


I have always been what one would call a “creative” person. The career path I chose was to become a graphic designer where I felt I could develop skills that would help me find employment in a creative field. I have been a graphic designer for over thirty years. My interest in painting started six years ago when the constraints of a corporate design department were stifling my creativity. I started taking continuing studies courses at MECA and have continued to do so for two semesters each year. At about the same time I started volunteering for The Pixel Fund, a dog rescue organization, as their web master. I am not in a position where I can foster dogs, but I am totally moved by the extreme efforts the members of this organization put forth to save these innocent lives. The two interests started coming together and I realized I had an endless supply of subjects to paint. This past summer I had a solo show of rescue dog portraits accompanied by each dog’s rescue story. Some of those portraits are in this show. More recently I have begun to do landscapes. I continue to explore those things that inspire me, and the cloud formations in the sky are my current obsession. I don’t have any deep inspirational way of explaining my paintings, I just see something that moves me and I attempt to capture it on a canvas and hope that I convey that feeling to the viewer.

I have participated in the following shows:

MECA Create I, II, III and IV MECA Collect, 2014 and 2015

Solo Show at UNE Biddeford Campus Center, 2015

WEX Healthcare Exhibition, 2015