John Calvin Stevens on Casco Bay

John Calvin Stevens, the well-known Portland architect who practiced from 1884 to 1940, is best known for his shingle-style turn of the century homes. While most of his homes are located in Portland, especially the West End, he also designed homes on some of the islands in Casco Bay, especially Cushing Island and the Diamond Islands. He also designed homes in Cape Elizabeth, specifically Delano Park. For more information on these homes, and their locations, you can consult the book, “John Calvin Stevens, domestic architecture, 1890-1930” by John Calvin Stevens II, Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. (Scarborough, Me. : Harp Publications, 1990). It is available for purchase through Greater Portland Landmarks and the Maine Historical Society.

For a walking tour of the John Calvin Stevens buildings in Portland see

While Cushing Island is only open to residents and their guests, you can see some of the homes that Stevens designed by hopping on the Casco Bay Lines ferry, and then getting off at Little Diamond Island or Great Diamond Island.

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