Art Gallery – New Art Show – MECA student

Our Art Opening in conjunction with MECA and their art student, Steven Hayes  will be June 11th from 5-7. Please join us for  live music, wine and cheese.

Steven Hayes grew up in Anchorage. In 1987, He moved to Maine for the warmer weather.

painting practice over the past few years has been to experiment with style, color, textures, content and cropping. His intent is to create paintings that are close to his spirit and based on his emotions.

Five years ago he began using a pallet knife almost exclusively, rather than brushes. This allows him bolder use of color and structure while being much more difficult to control. He finds the results to be a crazy and unpredictable but fun and consistent with who he is at heart.

Steven prefers acrylics because they allow me to create a multi-layered canvas without the need to wait weeks for drying; and he is able to create deep and rich glazes that result in interesting finishes, especially for backgrounds, skies and similar large bodies of color.