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Townsend Real Estate also is an active fine art gallery. We have partnered with MECA ( Maine College of Art) to showcase the work of their very talented students in the Continuing Studies Program.  The show rotates every 2-3 months. There is a natural relationship between real estate and art.   We support both a gallery of fine homes and of fine arts.  Come in and visit us as we are open every day except Sunday and have periodical art openings with wine, cheese and live music to celebrate our new artists.     Our focus is concentrated on paintings that relate to our community and Maine.

Our current artist is a local painter, Kerrin Parkinson . The next art opening for this exhibit is April 27th , 2017 from 5:30-7:30. Subscribe to our posts to receive news on upcoming shows! Call anytime for a price list.



 Kerrin Parkinson

After studying and practicing for many years, I now attempt to let go and let the moment(s) take me where they may.

Mother nature is amazing. She can be fierce one minute and suddenly, she can switch to quiet and calm.  I am drawn to these emotional qualities found in the natural world. I love being out in it and I love trying to capture it with paint.  It is an endless journey.


I attempt to capture nature and her wild temperament with the manipulation of composition, color, light, marks and emotion.  I am always attempting to push the ratings where I want them to go but sometimes they push me back and that’s when new discoveries are made and evolution happens.



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